American Made Wooden Dugout, a Holiday Home Run

American Made Wooden DugoutThe American Made Wooden Dugout Makes a Great Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to fulfill your secret Santa duties, then you’ve come to the right place. Our classic bat and American made wooden dugout combination fits nicely into most secret Santa budgets. The bat and dugout is our most popular product here at Sunflower Pipes; however, you may be surprised to know that there are a lot of people who don’t know what a bat and dugout is. If you’re one of these people, read on for a brief explanation.


Firstly, a bat is a small chillum. It is also known as a one hitter. It is called this because of the small amount of product that fits within the bat’s vertical bow. Bats often come in the shape of a cigarette. Most bats are made of glass, ceramic, or metal. The glass and ceramic variants are popular for their taste and potential lack of harmful inhalants, but, as you can imagine, bats are easy to drop, and the metal ones are much more durable.


A dugout is a container that holds both a bat and a small stash. The bat and dugout work well together because not only does a dugout perfectly contain a bat, it also makes dipping the bat into a stash super convenient. The bat holds all necessary equipment, minus means of flame, keeping your tools protected while in your pocket, making the bat and dugout combination the perfect on the go, quck-and-easy smoke set up.

Variations of Dugouts

While our American made wooden dugout is very popular, we also carry some plastic ones that are see through, allowing you to see how much stash you’ve got left. All of our dugouts are spring loaded, making the bat pop up when the lid is twisted open. If you’re not careful, the bat can shoot out of the dugout, making a broken glass disaster – i.e. the popularity of metal bats.

Ejector Bat for American Made Wooden DugoutVariations of Bats

We carry some other bat selections aside from the standard cigarette looking ones. We have some ejector bats that are spring loaded, allowing you to ash the bowl with a simple finger push, and we sell some that have teeth on the end, making it easier to dig in and collect from your stash.


So if you’re still looking for that perfect secret Santa gift, or you need a delightful stocking stuffer, stop into our Bushwick store and we’d be happy to show you our selection, or check out our online shop where currently you can use the code ‘holiday’ to take 15% off your order.

Happy Holidays!

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