Holiday Sale Pipes at Sunflower

holiday sale pipes

Rejoice, Our Holiday Sale Pipes Are Here!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, our holiday sale pipes have arrived. We at Sunflower Pipes have been busy preparing for the season and our ready to unleash plooms of holiday spirit into the Bushwick community and the world at large. Like a Snoop Dogg Santa we are bringing joy to all those special someones on your list, offering a 15% discount on products purchased through our online store. Just enter the code ‘holiday’ in the order notes and save big on stocking stuffers such as: handheld pipes, glass bowls, water pipes, and vaporizers.

Our carefully selected range of holiday sale pipes include durable, double blown chillums which will have all those on your nice list counting sugar plum fairies by New Years. Our beautiful, all American pipes including our rotating lid, wood carved ones will keep you warm as you roast chestnuts around the mantle piece Menorah. Our Bud Bomb with its portable metal casing is great for taking smooth rips down its spiral interior while hiking through through pine tree forests in search of the perfect tree. And the Pax 2 is the perfect slopes accompanying vaporizer, making lift rides all that much more pleasant.

We’ve All Your Special Stoners Covered

We’ve even got those on your naughty list covered, offering charcoal for your Hookah baddies as well as spare tubes and heating trays. We’ve got papers galore, including a massive selection of Raw, Trip, Bambu, OCB, Smoking Brand papers and others. And if you want to give a smoker the gift of a few more years, check out our complete line of Aspire Brand e-cigarettes as well as those from iStick, Juul and Stratus. We’ve also got a wide array of juices to accompany your new e-cigarette with like Tsunami, Black Label, King’s Barrel and Space Jam.

holiday sale pipes snoop dogg santaOur animal zoo is a toy chest full of cute and cuddly creatures. The Sunflower elves having been working hard to provide you with a large stock of characters within our holiday sale pipes, including Scrat the Squirrel, Stewie, some Shark pipes, and even a red robin dab rig. We’ve got grinders from Sharpstone and the ever popular Chromium Crusher. Our jewelry stock is also on fleek, constantly surprising people with the authentic stone work inlaid within and the sterling silver bands that shimmer splendidly in the sunlit snowfall.

Spread Cheer with Sunflower

So no matter who it is you’re shopping for, our holiday sale pipes have got you covered this holiday season. Don’t wait out in the cold and crowds.  Come in here where it’s warm and where you will not be bombarded by holiday music. Whether you’re special someone is a glass lover, looking to get into the vaporizer scene or a vintage collector, you’re sure to find something that will make them smile. And if you’re the type who doesn’t want to go outside at all or if you happen to get stuck in a blizzard, then don’t forget about our holiday special, which not only provides your acquaintances with a gift, but also gives you the gift of a further stuffed wallet.

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