Magic Flight Launch Box: Overview, Review & Cleaning Tips

How the Magic Flight Launch Box Works:

The Magic-Flight Launch Box comes with all the features you need in a vaporizer while also being one of the simplest on the market. It is a dry herb vaporizer, although there is a concentrate tray that you can purchase which enables you to vape oils, concentrates, and extracts.

To use the Magic Flight Launch Box, all you do is load the trench with your preferred dry herbs, close the lid, insert the battery into the side, press the battery in with the palm of your hand and take a draw. There are no temperature settings to mess with, no ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons, and no wait time. With an instant heat up time of 5 seconds, you will be vaping almost immediately.

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Measured at 2.5” x 1.25” x 0.9” the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most compact vaporizers on the market. It weighs just over 2 ounces with the draw tube and battery attached. The rechargeable batteries are very inexpensive, allowing you to always keep a spare set charged. It is important to note though that store bought AA batteries are not to be used with this device. Stick to the ones that come with the MFLB. Store bought AA batteries can create several issues, such as causing the vaporizer to get too hot and possibly catch fire.

There are a number of advantages that the Magic Flight Launch Box offers over other vaporizers:

  • Fast Heat Up Time: Instead of taking 2-5 minutes to fully heat up like many other vaporizers require, the MFLB takes roughly from five to ten seconds. This is possible because the MFLB uses a halogen light bulb as a heat source, which is nearly instantaneous.
  • Temperature Control: While many vaporizers have good temperature controls, this particular unit has a very precise reading device. The thermometer that reads the temperature is very close to where the dry herbs and concentrates are housed.
  • Good Chamber Size: The chamber inside of the MFLB is somewhat narrower than other vaporizers, which makes it easier to put your materials into compared to other devices. Plus, you can actually get a more intense experience by using fewer materials thanks to this unique construction.
  • Balloon Valve: The balloons have a squeeze valve, which makes using them very efficient. This means that the vapors can stay trapped inside the vaporizer balloon, and are released simply by squeezing the valve open. This design is very similar to the one used by the Volcano.
  • 2 Year Guarantee: The MFLB comes with a 24 month guarantee, which brings a little peace of mind when using the device. That way, if anything should go wrong with it under normal use, the issues will be repaired directly by the company.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Pros and Cons

Heats instantly
Wide range of additional accessories
Lightweight, compact and simplistic design
Great price point for a portable vaporizer
It is very durable and will last you for a long time
Easily uses up all the herbs so you aren’t left with some extra in the tank
Once you get the hang of it, it is the easiest vaporizer in the world to operate

Very bare bones- no extra features here
Takes some getting used to, and there will be some trial and error at first
Herbs need to be finely ground up
Non-replaceable screens
A bit difficult to clean, as the screens aren’t replaceable in the warranty you have to be very careful not to damage while cleaning.


Image result for magic flight pros and consThe Magic Flight Launch Box Includes:

1 Magic Flight Launch Box Unit
2 Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries (+ 2 free additional batteries)
1 Velvet Kit Storage Bag
1 NiMH USB AA Battery Charger
1 Magic Flight Cleaning Brush
1 Acrylic stem
2 Black Battery Caps
1 Black Screen Ring
1 Battery Foam Seal
MFLB Warranty

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