G-Slim Grenco Vaporizer Review

Combining portability & affordability, the G-Slim Grenco Vaporizer hits the nail on the head introducing it’s G-Slim series of Ground Material and Extract vaporizers. Grenco describes The G-Slim as “a new line of lightweight technology that combines the luxury of portability with the benefit of affordability.”

Available in both Disposable & Rechargeable models. 


First Look: Grenco allows the consumer to choose a product tailored to their budget & lifestyle. Sporting a slender pen-style battery, heating element, and mouthpiece, the G-Slim Grenco vaporizer seems to resemble a mix of a more toned down, yet grown-up version of its predecessor the Micro-G. Initial notes are portability and discreetness in comparison to most vape models of any brand. Even when compared to Grenco’s Micro-G, The G-Slim has considerably less-attention drawing characteristics due to its traditional pen-style design. Depending on the model, upon unboxing you will receive 1 G-Slim Vaporizer (Battery, Heating Element, & Mouthpiece.), 1 USB Charger, & 1 G-Tool (Dabber) for Rechargable models and the same within the Disposable models, albeit the USB Charger.

Value: Alike Grenco’s other products, the G-Slim Grenco vaporizer also has a line of collaborations with various artists and companies such as Snoop Dogg BUSH, and Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, so if you’re a fan, what better way to show your support? Each model sports a customized design, Snoop’s hosting a sleek blue exterior with white accents and Taylor Gang’s wrapped in crisp black & yellow tones. A tip of the hat to Wiz’s hometown & breakout hit. At an in-store retail price of $42 for rechargable models, and $28 for disposable models, I would say that if you’re seeking a disposable method and have not-so-disposable income, you may want to seek different methods. In the realm of rechargable devices, I would say the G-Slim is a “why-not?” purchase. If you’re in the market for an dry herb/essential extract-vape, why not stick with the reliable folks at Grenco for a solid product at a decent value. Quality function that won’t break the bank.


Final Thoughts: The slim, discreet design is already a big plus in my book. User-friendly function seems to be tradition in a line of Grenco products in it’s entirety, and the G-Slim Grenco Vaporizer is a shining example of that user-friendliness. Press the button 5 times to lock/unlock the device, unscrew mouthpiece, load desired amount of extract onto heating element, screw mouthpiece back on, press and hold the button, and inhale. Simple product– simple function. Grenco hits a serious home-run with this one.

The G-Slim by Grenco Science is available in-store and is coming soon to our online shop!






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