eVic-VT Review


eVic-VT ModsThe eVic-VT is a mod/battery for e-cigarettes made by Joyetech. Joyetech was founded in 2007, making it one of the newer e-cigarette makers on the market. The company, however, seems to be hard at work making their mark on the e-cigarette landscape, offering high end technology and sleek designs for affordable prices.


Temperature Control


The ‘VT’ in ‘eVic-VT’ stands for variable temperature. Variable temperature controlled vaping technology is currently all the rage in the vaping world. Variable temperature control causes devices to work with high power to bring atomizers to a set temperature rapidly. This method of e-cigarette control greatly reduces power consumption and helps provide for a more consistent, adequately suited and safer vaping experience.


Comparison to the Competition


This mod is competitive with a similar and popular product in the VT sector called the IPV4 by Pioneer4You. There are a few major things that distinguish the eVic-VT from the competition, however, including firstly the fact that the eVic-VT comes in a kit. The kit includes the eVic-VT mod, an eVic-VT tank, A .4 ohms variable temperature titanium atomizer, a .2 ohms variable temperature nickel atomizer, a micro USB cable, a 1 amp USB wall charger, and a silicone sleeve. Secondly, the eVic-VT has a built in battery. This is something commonly seen in Joyetech products. The mod can be recharged, but once the battery is dead, then the entire mod becomes useless. Also, the eVic-VT has a 60 watt limit, which is less than IPV4’s 100 watt limit. The 60 watt limit makes the eVic a safer product with less risk of it getting too hot and burning e-liquid, however it may not be ideal for hardcore vapers.


Sleek DesigneVic-VT


The first thing you’re going to notice about the eVic-VT is its paint job. These mods are designed to have a streamlined sports cars look. There are three color choices to choose from: Racing Yellow, Cool Black, and Dazzling White. The eVic-VT is compact. It easily fits in small to medium size hands. The rounded corners make it comfortable to maneuver. The fire button is nicely sized and easy to access. The settings rocker is positioned on the top of the mod, out of the way of the fire button and can be locked to prevent accidental settings changes.


Large and Informative Display

The eVic-VT has a large, 40.83 x 13.85 mm, OLED screen that displays the three various modes that the mod can work within: VT-Ti mode, VT-Ni mode, and VW mode. It also displays the wattages/voltages, Atomizer resistance,
and battery power/puff/time. It’s battery capacity is 5000 mah. The device can easily sustain high temperature but with much lower wattage than that used in VW mode. When vaping, the wattage will reach maximum in a very short amount of time. Settings can be adjusted by turning the rocker to the right or left.


Aditional Settings


eVic-VT KitThe eVic-VT has a lateral side charging port. It takes 6 hours for the device to be fully charged. When Charging in device-on condition, the battery sign flashes; when it is fully charged, the battery sign disappears. It has multi-hole for ventilation on the bottom to prevent overheating. can record your vapor Time and Puff automatically. It has a stealth display for use in low light settings. It keeps a record of highest puff size and vape time. And it even comes with a silicone sleeve for protection.


In Conclusion



The eVic-VT is a good, well working mod aimed at people who want to vape sub-ohm and temp control right out of the box without having to purchase any other attachments. The downsides of the product are its low wattage use and the fact that the battery cannot be replaced. The design of the product, the multiple settings and display options, its ease of use, and the fact that it utilizes VT technology, however, set this product apart from the competition making it a great product for anybody looking to experiment with temperature controlled vaping.

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