The Ruby Vaporizer

The Ruby Vaporizer – An Affordable Gem

The Ruby is a vaporizer pen made by Vaporite. It is specifically used for vaping waxes and concentrates. Vaporite make a few other products in their gemstone line: including the Saphire and the Emerald. The Saphire is designed to be used with e-juices and runny oils. The Emerald is a dry herb vaporizer.


Vaporite has a long history in the vaporizer business. They have been making vaporizers for over a decade. They are a company based out of Los Angeles. Their products are designed and developed in the United States. The Ruby vaporizer is very compact. It has a flat oval shape that is discreet and can easily fit into a pocket or a purse. It is great for on the go use. It’s perfect for taking to picnics, ball games, weddings, etc. A three to five second heat up time makes the Ruby vaporizer very convenient for taking puffs discreetly throughout the day.


Ruby VaporizerThe Ruby vaporizer is controlled by one button. The button has a ruby design on it.  Pressing the button five times unlocks the device. When the device is unlocked the button will blink red. When the Ruby vaporizer is in use, the button lights up. It comes pre-assembled in the box but all of the pieces are detachable and replaceable. In order to load the vaporizer, simply remove the mouthpiece and place your herbal concentrate directly into the atomizer using the provided metal dab tool.


The Ruby vaporizer is available in black, blue, red, and green. The kit that it comes in contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an atomizer, a mouthpiece cover, a metal dabbing tool, and a USB charging cord. The atomizer lasts for about three to four weeks of continuous use depending upon different factors such as the thickness of the concentrate one uses and the tools one uses to clean the piece with. This Ruby vaporizer is meant to be used with waxy concentrates, not runny oils. There is a small, stainless steel coil with cotton on it that runs through the atomizer. The coil heats the wax via convection heating. Applying small amounts of wax at a time help to not clog the atomizer. Vaporite does not offer additional atomizers, but almost all other brands of atomizer will work with the Ruby. Vaporite has a ninety day limited warranty for the battery of the Ruby vaporizer. There is not a warranty for the clearomizer or mouthpiece.


The Ruby vaporizer is a great product for somebody new to the oil and concentrate scene or somebody that is not looking to spend a lot of money on a vaporizer. The amount of vapor it produces is comparable to many leading vaporizers on the market. It is similar in design to the Grenco Science MicroG pen, but it costs a fraction of the price. It’s hard to find a rechargeable concentrate vaporizer priced as low as the Ruby. It costs about as much as a disposable herbal vaporizer. While not being the best vaporizer on the market, the price of the Ruby Vaporizer combined with its quality, definitely makes this a product that we at Sunflower Pipes frequently recommend to our customers.

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