King’s Barrel

King's Barrel E-Cigarette Juice

King’s Barrel E-cigarette Juice

King’s Barrel is a connoisseur’s brand of E-cigarette juice, if that can be said to yet exist. It’s made in America by a company located in Los Angeles, CA. There are six different flavors to choose from: Gatekeeper, Key Master, Blacksmith, Archer, King’s Henchmen, and Queen’s Sorrow. Each flavor is comprised of eight ingredients that have been steeped in barrels to formulate a special flavor. All of the King’s Barrel juices are USP kosher grade propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin, with natural and artificial flavors. They come in 30 ml glass bottles and are available in zero, six, and twelve mg nicotine strengths.


This flavor is thick and nutty, warm and creamy, sweet and savory. It has  a caramel base. It’s reminiscent of having a piece of chocolate cake or a browny of some sort. It’s very desert like, tastes warm, and produces good vapor. 

Key Master

Key Master is a creamy winter green with dark chocolate undertones. It’s a lot lighter and tangier than Gatekeeper. It’s not quite as sweet, being something more that you can sip at rather than gulp down, like eating little pieces of candy or sipping on some of mojito or minty hot chocolate.


Triple Chocolate Mocha; Pure Decadence. This one reminds me of Gatekeeper, however it’s not quite as sweet and the aftertaste is more reminiscent of coffee than chocolate.


Tingly, sweet and minty, cinnamon spice. The cinnamon taste really stands out but is not as strong as many of the Red Hot labeled juices out there, and the mixture of mint helps to cool the taste and make it not something overwhelming. It is definitely tingly. The cinnamon provides a depth to the inhale which hits somewhere near the back of the throat, and the rest of the flavors help to make this a deceptively sweet sort of juice.  

King’s Henchmen

Honey and brown sugar with a bit of malt. The malt certainly stands out in this juice, taking the flavor from the sweet dessert realm and making it more balanced. It still has the sweetness of the honey and brown sugar, but they almost seem like sweetners to the juice rather than the central aspect of it. 

Queen’s Sorrow

Wild berries and citrus with a subtle hint of spice. The berry flavor stands out. It’s the most fruity tasting juice in the King’s Barrel line. The spices make it taste sort of festive. Everything King’s Barrel does has a depth to it that separates it from many of the other juice lines out there. Queen’s sorrow is no exception. It tastes fruity, but not like skittles; more like a cobbler or jam or even a potpourri. 

In Conclusion

It is difficult identifying exactly what the flavor in each of the King’s Barrels bottles is supposed to be. These juices are more like baked goods or cocktails. You get hints of certain ingredients and what the flavor reminds you of, but each of the juices is designed in such a way to keep you guessing.

King’s Barrel has stated that you’re going to want to keep vaping when using their product. I find this to be true. Even the smell of the vapor is great. It’s the product’s greatest advertisements. If I’m vaping it and someone smells it they’re always asking me what it is. It’s one of the more expensive juices on the market, if not the most expensive, but the quality is superb. The company is putting more effort and consideration into their juices than anyone has yet to do. People will laugh when you tell them that the juices are barrel aged, but something works about it, and it is definitely an indication of the consideration the company has for what they’re doing.

If you’re new to vaping or if you get a new vape and want to break it in with something incomparable to anything else on the market, go for King’s Barrel. It will be hard to beat or compare. This also makes a great gift for someone that you know who vapes.

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