The Grenco Science Micro-G Vaporizer


The MicroG is an vaporizer made by Grenco Science. It is easy to carry and very discreet. The MicroG is described by Grenco Science as being “micro in size, yet monumental in capability.” There have been two version of the MicroG released, the never version having slight function and durability improvements. The Original MicroG is still being sold on the market. It is differentiated by the word “Original” indicated on the packaging.

MicroGBoth the Original and the newer updated version of the MircoG have a rating of 4.9 out of five stars on the Grenco website. The Original version comes with two complete units: two batteries, two coils, and two mouthpieces. The newer version comes with one complete unit but four replacement ceramic tanks. Each package also comes with a keychain dabber tool, five mouthpiece sleeves, a wall adapter, a USB charger, two glass containers, and three cleaning tips.

The MircroG is lightweight and has matte-black exterior. It’s about four inches long and less than an inch thick. The battery takes about an hour and a half to charge and lasts for about a day’s worth of frequent use. The coils last for five to six weeks. All of the MicroG’s electrical pieces are backed by a one year warranty.  The pieces for the Original MicroG and the newer version are not compatible with each other. The pieces are also not compatible with the G Pen or the G Pro. The Original MicroG is intended for wax and concentrates only, however, the newer version can be purchased with dry herb tanks. The dry herb tanks can also be purchased individually.

The MicroG is easy to use and requires little setup and maintenance. The concentrate tanks are loaded by removing the mouthpiece and dripping the concentrates onto the metal screen within. The dry herb tanks are loaded by unscrewing the tank and filling it with enough herb to allow airflow through the tank. Pressing the button on the front five times locks and unlocks the device. MicroG Snoop Dogg EditionThe button will flash blue when it locks or unlocks. Pressing and holding the button engages the heating element. The MicroG concentrate tank works by heating the concentrate until it melts through the screen onto the coils. Small air holes near the MicroG’s metal band allow air into the device which passes by the coil and up through the device. It is recommended to hold the button down for at least five to ten seconds. Taking any smaller of hits tends to not give the oil enough time to melt onto the coil. The coil can remain lit for fifteen seconds before automatically shutting off. The MicroG conserves oil better than the original G Pen. A small bit of concentrate goes along way with the MicroG being that the wax has nowhere to go but onto the coil which helps everything get burnt rather than lost in the device the way that it did in the G Pen.

The MicroG comes in a few different varieties, such as the Snoop Dogg edition and the Taylor Gang edition. It also has a Hookah tank that can be purchased for less viscous e-juices. Many of the parts can be purchased separately online or at local smoke shops. There are many fake Grenco products on the market. Various markings distinguish the authentic products from the fakes. Most fakes are sold for a much less expensive price than the authentic ones, however they are in no way covered by Grenco’s warranty and are much less reliable and effective.

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