Exploring the Aspire Vape Kit Lineup

Picking the Aspire Vape Kit That’s Right For You

Aspire is a a leading name in the e-cigarette industry. They carry a number of atomizers and mods, allowing for many customization options. They are also a great brand for new e-cigarette users, thanks to the Aspire vape kit line up which includes all of the hardware necessary to begin vaping immediately. There are five Aspire vape kits to choose from. This article will go over the specific differences between each one.

Aspire Starter Kit

Aspire Starter KitThe Starter Kit is the most basic of Aspire’s kits. It is great for somebody new to the e-cigarette world. The provided device is simple, easy to use, effective and powerful. The kit comes with Aspire’s G-Power 900mah battery and a K1 glassomizer.

The put together e-cigarette is clean looking and slim. Being not much bigger than a pen, it is an easy e-cigarette to transport and hold. It weighs 284g, has a total length of 164mm, and a diameter of 14.8mm.

The G-Power battery is simple but powerful. It is carbon coated with steel endpoints. There is a single metal button with a single temperature setting. A spring connector ensures a consistently strong connection between the battery and the tank and six safety holes on the bottom protect against overheating and thermal runaway.

The K1 glassomizer tank included in the Starter Kit is made with durable Pyrex and stainless steel. It has a carrying capacity of 1.5ml and utilizes a new bottom vertical coil technology which provides the atomizer with a long life and a consistently clean, pure vape.

Aspire Premium Kit

Aspire Premium KitThe Premium Vape Kit is a step up from the Starter Kit. It comes with a CF W+ Battery and a Nautilus Mini tank. The primary difference between the Starter and the Premium Aspire Vape Kit, is that the Premium Kit comes with a variety of customization features.

The CF W+ battery has a rotary knob on the bottom which allows for variation in output voltage. It can go between 3.3v and 4.8 v. The Nautilus Mini has a 2ml capacity and includes a four port adjustable airflow system, which allows the user to adjust the draw, warmth and amount of vapor.  In total this device is 178mm long with a diameter of 17.4mm and a weight of 333.5g.

Aspire Platinum Kit

Aspire Platinum KitThe Aspire Platinum Vape Kit comes with the Atlantis Tank and the CF SUBΩ power system. The CF SUBΩ power system is designed to provide supreme power for a low resistance atomizer. The current of the SUBΩ can get to max 40A. The sub ohm coils in the Atlantis atomizer, capable of utilizing the power of this powerful battery, provides the user with more vape than the previous mentioned kits, causing it to rival that of highly rated rebuildable e-cigarettes.

The Atlantis has a huge, anti-drip RDA hole in the mouthpiece, an improved bottom vertical coil design, and an adjustable airflow controller. It can hold 2ml of e-liquid and comes with a replacement Atlantis Tank, a leather carrying pouch, and five replacement 05 ohm atomizers.

Aspire Elite Kit

The Elite Aspire Vape Kit is composed of an Aspire CF MAXX battery and an Aspire Atlantis Mega. It comes with replacement Pyrex for the tank and one replacement 0.3ohm atomizer. There is a 1.0ohm atomizer pre installed.

Aspire Elite KitThe Atlantis Mega is an upgraded version of the Atlantis Tank featured in the Platinum Kit. It can hold 5ml of liquid and has improved air flow quality and adjustment controls. This model features a new, optimal cooling feature on the drip tip, allowing one to control the access of external cool air by rotating a valve.

The CF Maxx mod battery supplies 3000mah capacity. It can be adjusted between 5-50W for use with different resistance atomizers. It has overdischarge protection, atomizer short circuit protection, a lock and unlock function, and high temperature protection.

This kit is great for those looking to produce very large clouds and want a customizable e-cigarette as far as temperature and vapor inhalation is concerned.


Aspire Odyssey Kit


Aspire Odyssey KitThe Aspire Odyssey Kit is Aspire’s most recent kit. It comes with a Pegasus mod and a Triton tank, as well as a few different coil choices.

The combination of the Triton tank and Pegasus Mod makes the Odyssey the most versatile kit in Aspire’s lineup. The Pegasus Mod has an interactive digital display with many different settings and temperature choices.

There are two modes of display: normal and temperature. The Pegasus has the ability to provide seventy watts of power and can handle 0.2 – 5.0 ohm atomizers. The included Triton tank comes pre-installed with a 0.4 ohm coil and contains a 1.8 ohms coil in the box.

In temperature control mode, the display shows the voltage and resistance displayed to the hundredth as well as the wattage in power mode which goes up to seventy The voltage and the resistance are displayed to the hundredth. And the wattage is very large and easy to read.


In Conclusion

Aspire is a great brand with very high quality and classy looking products. Their products are competitive with major mods, providing users with the ability to produce large clouds and great taste and smoothness. They have a three month warranty and a wide array of parts to choose from for various vaping experiences. The Aspire vape kit makes it easy to start vaping, and the company is constantly creating new products, staying at the edge of the market and on top of the e-cigarette industry.

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