Grenco Science Review

grenco science review

Let’s be honest, Grenco Science products rule the market for a reason.

This Grenco Science review explains why you should love their products.

Grenco Science and Pax by Ploom are two of the biggest names in the vaporizer community. Both have their own respective strengths and weaknesses, but if we’re have to take out the ruler… it’s clear the Grenco Science is the host with the most, if you know what we mean. By that I actually mean that they offer a greater variety in function-ability, versus Pax which focuses more on providing a single product with great longevity. It’s like comparing iPhone’s to Windows phones, or Apple to PC. Pax is like Apple in the sense that it’s sleek and simple, Grenco is like PC in that there is variety and different styles for different purposes. But let’s get back to the topic at hand, because this isn’t a pissing contest, ladies and gentlemen. Honestly, It will be difficult for me to think of any reason why you shouldn’t trust Grenco Products… as they are constantly resolving any issues that consumers may have had over the years. In this Grenco Science review, I will point out what makes their products some of the best on the market.


Grenco Science is one of the leading producers of herbal and concentrate vaporizers. They are constantly introducing new products, and by the time I’m finished writing this, they will probably have something new to offer. They were one of the first – you’ve probably seen their giant “G”. The Grenco techs are scientists. My first experience with Grenco goes back to the summer of 2011 on a wild road trip where we drove through LA to visit a friend. His leg was injured serving our country and he was living in California to gain access to medical cannabis. He had the Original microG Pen for oil just as it was gaining popularity on the West Coast (you’d never see them on the East Coast at this time). Since then, there have been thousands of wanna-be vapes introduced to the market, but to this day, others can’t compete with Grenco Science products. Grenco Science still takes the cake.

Grenco Science review as a whole.

Before we get into specific products, here’s a brief Grenco Science review:

  1. functional designs across the board
  2. develop products from customer feedback
  3. growing product lines for dry herbs, oils and now “hookah pens”
  4. sleek and discrete designs
  5. extremely affordable for the quality
  6. versatile product line (rechargeable, disposable, large and small)
  7. long battery life, dependable parts, solid build
  8. charity and artists series (social commitment)
  9. FDA registered


Specific products that we love the most.

G Pro Vaporizer – Founded on the principles of performance and user-preference, the G Pro Vaporizer features three variable temperature settings, providing an easy to use vaping experience. Durable in design and sophisticated in aesthetic, the G Pro’s internal structure is comprised of a heavy duty, stainless steel heating chamber that releases active ingredients without the harmful byproducts associated with combustion or smoke.

This was a much needed addition to their original product line which was only for concentrates. This same vaporizer comes in a number of endorsed artist variations such as the “Snoop Dogg” edition. Unlike the Pax, the herb chamber is located just under the mouth piece, giving you a more direct hit. The only down-side is that it requires a unique charger… One can only hope they will update their models to take micro USB, making it easier to replace the charger if it is lost.


G Slim Vaporizer – this is one of their most humble products, and it’s extremely affordable. It comes either disposable (long battery life, but no way to re-charge it), and rechargeable (decent battery life, but rechargeable). This is a great vape to bring with you for a night out on the town. Leave the big boys at home, and bring this little guy to that Beck (or Snoop Dogg) concert you just bought tickets for.

This is a great choice for those new to vaping. Before you commit to spending $100 (not like that’s a lot for a good vape anyways), try this little guy out first. Only vape once and a while? Like when your parents are in town? This is a great small and easily portable, sleek vape that won’t let you down. They come in either herbal or oil concentrate forms, so you won’t have compromise… get both if you’d like!


Original microG – This product blew open the wax concentrate market when it first came out. It’s the one that started it all. The main difference between this and the new version they came out with, besides slight tweaks in physical appearance, is that this one takes a specific replacement coil which is very affordable and easy to find. The newer version (see microG below) has smaller replaceable coils that screw into the vape (unlike the Original which just kinda fits up close to the battery). The problem with the Original microG is that the coil fits in snug but is not quite as easy to put in/take out as the new version.

But who cares! It still functions beautifully, and now that the new one is out… the Original microG is even MORE affordable.


MicroG Vaporizer – People loved the original, but this one is much improved. MicroG vaporizers have always been a best selling, staple product at Sunflower Pipes. It offers the best in the market as far as function, form, and reliability. Though micro in size it is monumental in capability. This next generation microG Vaporizer features improved durability and function while maintaining the fundamental makeup integral to the original microG. For this product Grenco made the coils larger, easier to fill, and also easier to install with a screw like function that stays attached to the vape body better.


ALL GRENCO SCIENCE VAPORIZERS come with a one year warranty, ensuring that even if – by rare chance – you get a defective model, they will happily take responsibility and replace it. There’s just one catch… it has to be authentic. Many stores sell fakes of all of Grenco Science products, so do yourself a favor an order one from an authorized dealer (that would be us, Sunflower Pipes). If you are ever in doubt, use the store locator application on the official Grenco Science website. Hell, you don’t even have to look it up… just look down… at the screenshot we took for you to prove our products are legit. We hope you found this Grenco Science review helpful. If you like it and agree, share it with a friend so that they can be enlightened to the greatness that is Grenco.

grenco science review
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