Pax II is a freakin’ beast.

Bowls, glass blunts, rolling papers, oil rigs, and wood pipes, OH MY!
Believe it or not, there’s a more popular smoking method on the rise, and it’s quickly sweeping the Bushwick area! We are coached up on the absolute best portable vaporizers on the market, and offer Brooklyn’s widest selection of herbal and concentrate options! Not only are these extremely economical for your future consumption, but will make your jaw drop at the modern technology at work! Easily eliminate such concerns as odor, flame inhalation, and many common issues when getting ready to puff away – think of this as the solution most clueless infomercial subjects find as they lament their woes in a black and white world!

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The demand for a less irritating way to smoke has changed the smoke shop game entirely, but here at Sunflower Pipes we stay one step ahead of everyone else and are showcasing all of our exceptional options, priced at the absolute lowest, that are certain to delight you for longer than you can imagine. Choose from Firefly, Atmos, Da Vinci, and Juicy (just to name a few). Our team excels at helping you make the right choice, and hopes to assist in coaching you up on the difference that this way to smoke can make!
A store favorite is the PAX 2, by Ploom, an herbal-only vaporizer that packs a heavy punch, and doesn’t compromise on taste. This is one of our newest to hit the store, and a truly exceptional take on the first version. Boasting a sleek design, which rid itself of the tricky mouthpiece seen in the PAX 1, and a sturdy chamber, this version packs an incredible punch that will offer silky smooth clouds of smoke to inhale when the green light indicates the optimal vaping temperature has been reached.
You’ll immediately feel the difference the moment you place this premium herbal vape in your hands. With a sleek design tailored to be no larger than the palm of your hand, and a variety of options that certainly include your favorite, the PAX 2 has made remarkable improvements to an already great formula!
Further benefits come from the removal of the somewhat troublesome mouthpiece from the previous model. Rather than press a spring-loaded piece, vaping is enjoyed from a small slit in the rubber mouthpiece.
Skeptics to this new method are converted once rejoicing in the ease of use on this wonderful vaporizer! In only 2-3 hours, you have a fully charged, portable PAX 2 that can be enjoyed on the go or at home with your favorite smoke circle.
If concentrates are more your style, fear not! We’ve got your back for any of your favorite style of smoking, and suggest checking out the G-Pen by Grenco Science! Their selection of pen style vaporizers fit in the palm of your hand, but their power can be compared to that of a large water pipe! We have yet to hear of disappointment in the shift to a cleaner, unique smoking experience! Give us the opportunity to facilitate your transition in smoking, and rejoice at the number of added benefits as your lungs clear and your head clouds!
TODAY is the perfect opportunity to make the switch, and join the rapidly growing number of vaping fans!

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