Product of the Day: Spike Master Glass Smoking Pipe

spikeking3-400x400The Spike Master Glass Smoking Pipe is a sizable inside out glass pipe with prominent glass spikes and rich colorful details,The Spike Master Glass pipes will be a welcome addition at the party with unique hand crafted design and bold styling. From our little New York City smoke shop comes this nearly unbreakable glass pipe. The Spike Master is a noticeably hefty piece of handmade double blown glass with a large deep bowl and big long inner chamber for big baller drags, and it features a length of 5 inches and weighing in at heavy 162.9 grams. You’ll find squiggles in yellow, and blue,as well as a neat lattice work design in varying colors. The pipe is silver fumed making causing it to change colors over time the background details of the color changing glass pipe will reveal splendid shades of blues fading from light to very deep blues, the color changing effect further contrasts the other details in this piece. The Spike Master has a flame flattened bottom to make sure the pipe remains upright and does not roll when laid flat, but the spikes will also stop the pipe from rolling over and spilling your herbs if you happen to set your pipe down on a non-flat surface. The design is surprisingly ergonomic for being covered in thorns! You can fit your fingers in between the spikes for a better grip as you curl your hand around the bowl, and use your thumb to cover the carburetor on the left side. The size of the pipe and its large inner chamber creates a cooling effect and makes the experience of smoke the Smoke Master more pleasurable less harsh than a smaller glass piece. We guarantee you’ll love holding and using this super heavy glass pipe, the interesting shape wont get old and never fails to impress. Smokes like a Cadillac!

A little about our shop Sunflower Glass Company is a NYC smoke shop on the border of Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn. We offer a wide variety of smoking related items. We have been operating for 4 years now and offer a wide selection of smoking papers, vaporizers both dry and for concentrates, water pipes, concentrate pipes, replacement bowls stems and nails, titanium quartz and crystal domeless nails, ecigs and e juices, cigarette cases, flasks, torches, glass animal pipes, american blown glass, cigars and rolling tobacco, handmade jewelry, Native American silver jewelry, jars, safe cans, dugouts and bats and much more!


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