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Holiday Sale Pipes at Sunflower

Rejoice, Our Holiday Sale Pipes Are Here! Now that Thanksgiving has passed, our holiday sale pipes have arrived. We at Sunflower Pipes have been busy preparing for the season and our ready to unleash plooms of holiday spirit into the Bushwick community and the world at large. Like a Snoop Dogg Santa we are bringing joy to all those special […]

The Stratus Line

At Sunflower Pipes we carry a large number of products from the Stratus vaporizer line. Stratus has products to fit a wide variety of needs all of which are sold at great prices. This article will list the different products we sell, highlighting the specifics of each.   Starter Kit The Stratus Starter Kit is designed for use […]

Seattle Hempfest! What up!?

We are so excited to share our adventure out West to Hempfest! ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 8/16/15 Goodbye Seattle, Goodbye New Friends! We had a great trip out West to Seattle. It really was a blast both getting there and enjoying the festival. We felt like being a part of this event, even as a vendor, […]