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Zig-Zag 1 1/2″ Papers

Zig-Zag 1 1/2″ Papers


The Zig Zag 1 1/2″ Papers are ultra thin papers, which come in a fashionable blue package with silver writing, are ideal for many connoisseur smokers because of their natural sealing gum and slow burning yet smooth smoke. Experience the full flavor of what you’re smoking, not paper. These papers will ensure that you get a lasting, enjoyable experience from your rolled cigarette. This pack comes with 32 leaves of gummed paper, made in France.

This company has some serious history. Founded in 1879, Zig Zag has been one of the most influential paper brands ever. They were the first to come up with an “interleaved” packaging method. The famous French zouave solider pictured on all packages is known as the “Zig Zag”man. As the story is told, this solider’s pipe was destroyed by a passing bullet, so the man decided to roll a cigarette using a piece of paper off his bag. This moment in time captured the essence of the Zig Zag brand, so they decided to put him as the face of their papers.

For those smokers that are new to rolling by hand, check out the Zig Zag Kutcorners 1 1/4″ papers. These papers are manufactured with edged corners that help the user get the perfect “tuck” that is needed to get a nice tight roll.

There is a reason these papers have been around so long and are so trusted! Swing by either Sunflower store location or order online here and get your rolling!