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Wooden Chillum with Engraved Carving

Wooden Chillum with Engraved Carving


A beautiful and simple wooden chillum with engraved carving. These particular pipes have been a part of smoking tradition all over the world for many many years. This pipe is 8 inches long and includes a very generous-sized bowl. This chillum is perfect for some hands-free tobacco burning. Light it up for yourself, or get you friends together and share! Either way you can not go wrong.

The exact history of the chillum is unclear, but some of the earliest recorded uses come from India. The Indian Sadhu’s have been smoking chillums for thousands of years. These chillums were originally made from fired clay, but as time went on people started making them out of wood, stone, and glass. In their culture and religion, chillum smoking is viewed as a religious experience. The phrase “boom shankar” originates from the holy men of India. They would put their chillum’s over their forehead and say this phrase to let the Gods into their smoke session and share their bounty with them. Chillum’s have a great history of community among people, so get yourself one of these awesome pipes and  bring your friends a little closer together!

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These chillums come in three different colors: brown, black, and dark brown with a beautiful smooth finish or engraved craving by the bowl