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Wooden Bud Bomb

Wooden Bud Bomb


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This three pieced Wooden Bud Bomb is the perfect on-the-go pipe anyone could ask for. Discreet is the word that comes to mind once you feast your eyes on this incredible piece, which when completely assembled together as one piece does not look like a pipe at all. It is only about three and a half inches long and resembles something like a wooden cigar — many people come into the store and have to ask what it is! But upon further examination, this thing actually unscrews itself into three separate pieces.

Unscrew the very top yellowish stone piece and you will find your chamber. This is a relatively large sized chamber that’s perfect for hearty solo sessions or group hangouts, and where your can pack your legal herb. Next, screw the top back on and head out the door. When it is time to smoke unscrew the top off and light your herb as you would any standard pipe. For more public situations when you need to be at your most discreet, leave the stone top on and light your herb through one of two small but effective holes at the top that will indirectly heat your material to perfection.

The bottom mouthpiece to this pipe also unscrews. This is a great added feature that makes cleaning super easy and convenient. It helps you reach certain dark areas of the pipe that you simply can not get to with other pipes. A little care and maintenance to this pipe will go a long way. It is made from great quality, durable wood. In the right hands, this wooden bud bomb could last someone a lifetime!

If you’re a fan of this pipe for its shape and discreet design, be sure to also check out our Brass Bud Bomb. Swing by either Sunflower store location or order online to step your smoking game up a notch!