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Wood Inlay Stone Pipe

Wood Inlay Stone Pipe


This simple, durable, wood inlay stone pipe will last you a lifetime.  About 3 and a half inches long, this pipe lays flat and works great as a traveler or a stay at home piece. This stone pipe is truly like no other because of its beautiful rustic finish and color. Charming and unique, our wood inlay stone pipe has a lot of character.

More Highlights 

Our wood inlay stone pipe is perfectly portable due to its flat, compact nature. Don’t be afraid to take this guy out and about on all your adventures. Wood and stone make for very sturdy pipe material so you never have to worry about accidents involving certain butterfingers. You know what friend were talking about. On that subject, this pipe is great for personal use as well as sharing. Just pack it up and pass it around. How else will you nonchalantly show off your brilliant new piece to your friends? Wood and stone smoking devices are known to have distinct tastes so if you’re a lover of both, this is definitely the pipe for you. Never tried either? Now’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone (pipe)!

This rectangular masterpiece fits nicely in the palm of your hand and feels cool and smooth to the touch. Another great thing about stone pipes is that they are naturally much cooler in temperature than glass pipes. This makes for cooler drags which means smoother hits. Worried about cleaning and maintenance? We carry Formula 420 Cleaner to clean that bad boy up quick and easy!

This wood inlay stone pipe is the perfect gift for that special smoker in your life. Whether it’s for the pipe’s elegant and natural features or because you know how prone they are to accidents. This is the gift you’ve been searching for. Or if that special smoker in your life is in fact you, then go ahead and treat yourself. It’s about time you step up your pipe game.