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Tomato Pollinator

Tomato Pollinator

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Freshly picked heirloom Tomato Pollinator! This tool disguises itself as a novelty knick-knack, and lets you express your love of veggies while finely grinding your herbs. Two chambers, including one for catching and storing the finest ground herbs that fall through the high quality metal screen. Sharp metal teeth for easy and effective grinding. 2″ in diameter and 1.5″ in height. Comes in red and green.

Owning a grinder enhances your smoking ritual for many reasons. The main reason is you will always get a much more even break up of your herbs which leads to a more even smoke no matter  what your choose to smoke with. It is particularly beneficial to those who prefer to roll their own. It is also highly recommended to use a grinder when preparing to smoke from a vaporizer, this increases the performance of the device greatly. Finally, grinders work great as storage devices. Swing by either sunflower shop location, or order here to get this awesome  Tomato Pollinator and enhance your smoking rituals!

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