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Sunflower Stalk Glass pipe

Sunflower Stalk Glass pipe


What better way to support your favorite smoke shop than with the wonderful Sunflower Stalk Glass Pipe? This piece is a simple yet elegant pipe meant for smokers of all kinds. It is only four inches long but packs a mean punch. It is the perfect size to take on the go, or keep at home either way you will not go wrong. To use, simply pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs, light it up and release the carburetor when ready to inhale. To clean, run any standard pipe cleaner throughout the pipe to get rid of unwanted gunk and build up. If properly maintained and cared for this pipe could last you a lifetime!

This pipe pairs perfectly with some Ital-Hempwick. For those unaware, Hempwick is a much healthier alternative to lighting up directly with a butane lighter. Butane contains harmful toxins that you can avoid with hempwick. To use, simply light the end of your hempwick with your lighter, then light whatever you are smoking with the end of the wick. You will notice an immediate improvement in taste, and your lungs will thank you!

The Sunflower Stalk Glass Pipe is a great addition to any smoker’s collection. It also comes in different colors: Green, Blue and Brown. Please specify which color you want when you place the order. And of course, do not forget to to swing by either one of our two Brooklyn store locations to see what else we have to offer!