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Squid Hug Pipe

Squid Hug Pipe


These pretty pipes pack a powerful punch! The whimsical Squid Hug Pipe will give you the tight herbal hug you need, straight out of the Pacific.

The Squid Hug Pipe is simply adorable! The pastel squid’s long tentacles wrap around the bowl piece and the neck, holding it still while you light up. The bowl size is generous, especially considering that these pipes are less than 4 inches long. This makes it great for a solo couch sesh, or to impress your friends with in the cypher. The squid’s back tentacle twirls up the neck of the pipe into a cute spiral, and we promise, these adorable squids are completely harmless!

Like most spoon pipes, there is a carburetor on the left side of the bowl for easy clearing. The Squid Hug comes in green, blue, and purple/pink, so make sure to specify your preference!

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