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Spiky Stegosaurus Pipe

Spiky Stegosaurus Pipe


This Spiky Stegosaurus Pipe looks straight out of the Jurrasic Age–and everyone knows life is better when you’re surrounded in dinosaur memorabilia.

You won’t be able to resist the look and feel of the bold designs on this spiky stegosaurus pipe. The black spikes that adorn the bowl and chamber are hand blown to last. They’re super thick and TOTALLY solid. The way they curve around the already elegant form of the piece is perfect, and will remind you of your favorite dinosaur. Take yourself back to Prehistoric times with a pipe that resembles the spiky Stegosaurus!

The glass work on this piece is truly phenomenal. It’s covered in thick snaky latty work in beautiful shades of green, gold and burgundy. The colors flow in front of a silver fumed background that will change colors over time as it’s used. Measuring at nearly 4 inches long, this heady glass pipe is built with plenty of room in the chamber, and a great size and shaped bowl.

The shape of the piece is exactly what you’d want in a pipe for your home- ergonomic, elegant, but thick and strong. This glass pipe is hand blown inside out with a thick layer of solid borosilicate glass, so it can withstand a fall. The spikes serve as bumpers against any rolling off the table, and they also make for a great grip. There are so many things to love about this piece, which is why it’s one of Sunflower Pipes’ best sellers!