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Long Spiderweb Chillum

Long Spiderweb Chillum


At 3 1/2″, the Long Spiderweb Chillum presents a groovy piece no longer than the average middle finger! The sizable bowl featured at the end of the narrow stem allows your bowl to go beyond the typical one hitter quitter. With a flat mouthpiece, easy grip and smooth flow become ensure time after time! You’ll reach for the Long Spiderweb Chillum whenever you’re in need of a reliable, personal sized smoke, and can trust the durable glass protects this piece from light falls.

This pipe’s vibrant colors include green and blue; create the perfect color balance and grab both, or be certain to note your preference at checkout!

Stay in the arachnid family, and pair this with the stunning Spider-Man vs. Venom Pipe, a gorgeous bowl and art piece that makes for a great addition to your rotation!