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Spider’s Web Glass Chillum

Spider’s Web Glass Chillum


At a little over 3 inches in length and weighing in at 18.2 grams, the Spider’s Web Glass Chillum looks fascinating. Seemingly woven strands of color flow between the thick inside out layer of glass from which this piece is made. Hand blown and made of thick borosilicate glass, the craftsmenship of this unique little chillum is obvious, and you’ll be staring at all the delicate details for hours. The shape of the piece is literally perfect, with a high quality that is easy to recognize.

The comfortable mouthpiece combined with the ideal cone-shaped bowl will make you want to have this chillum on hand every time you smoke, whether at your home or on the go. The mouthpiece is also flat, so it will stay put where ever you put it down. And it just looks so good! It’s the ideal choice for bringing with you to a party, a concert, or just out for a walk. It’s small enough to be super discreet, but long enough for a very comfortable smoke (and don’t worry, you won’t burn your nose with this one). The raised up ribbed spiral around the center of this glass pipe makes it extra durable, so you won’t need to worry about dropping it or throwing it quickly in a purse. It also slides right in your pocket, no matter how tight you like to wear those hot pants, so you’ll be reaching for this piece every time you leave the house. And if you’re in the market something a bit longer, be sure to check out it’s cousin the Long Spiderweb Chillum with the same intricate woven strands of color.

Because this glass pipe is a straight shooter, you only need one hand to light it while you hold it in your mouth to smoke. Perfect for keeping your smoke session discreet and user friendly. The cone shaped bowl is optimal, because it will leave less residue and burn your entire pack evenly. Chillums are always a breeze to clean, using a poker or pipe cleaners. Because each Spider’s Web Glass Chillum is unique, the bright colors will vary on each pipe, so if you want a particular shade, tell us in the comments section of your order. Otherwise trust us to send you the best looking version of this pipe – you won’t be disappointed!