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Smooth Tan Wooden Pipe

Smooth Tan Wooden Pipe


This Smooth Tan Wooden Pipe is a great simple pipe, that would be perfect to stay at home or take on the go. Made of high quality American wood, the pipe is four inches long. To use, pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs or smoking tobacco. Place your finger over the carburetor, and light the bowl as you start to inhale. When you are ready to inhale, take your finger off the carburetor and inhale one last time. It is as easy as that! This pipe features a very generous sized bowl. This means it could easily be passed around with a few friends. The bowl piece is removable. This makes the pipe ideal for keeping clean and maintained. Any standard pipe cleaner run through either end of the pipe will clear out any unwanted build up that could be clogging the pipe. With enough care and love this pipe could easily last you a lifetime!

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