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Short Handmade Natural Wooden Slide Top Dugout

Short Handmade Natural Wooden Slide Top Dugout

SKU: 70005

This short handmade natural wooden slide top dugout is a sleek way to mobilize your smoking ritual.

A classic storage/pipe combo, this method never fails in keeping your smoking tools at ready. This natural wooden slide top dugout comes with separate compartments for your stash and your one-hitter. Perfect for the snowboarder, golfer, surfer, and concert goer, the dugout enables hands-free packing and compact transport, with a top that slides open and closed. Hand crafted with 100% all natural teak wood, these standard sized dugouts are 4 inches long. Comes with free metal cigarette bat inside, fits any standard size long bat, including ceramic and ejector bats.

And while your here, check out some of our many grinders we have for sell. A grinder is specifically essential for getting your one-hitter and dugout to pack an even hit. These pieces are meant to be on the go, so you want to be ale to quickly pack and smoke, the only way to get that efficiency is with a grinder.