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Short Ceramic Cigarette Bat

Short Ceramic Cigarette Bat

SKU: 70007

Dating back to to the late 1960’s-early 1970’s the dugout and one-hitter bat is a classic popular among generations of smokers. If you like to be conspicuous during your smoking ritual then this pipe is truly ideal for you! Identical to the average cigarette, the short ceramic cigarette bat is the perfect choice for any smoker, avid to novice, when it comes to smoking on the go. Fool even those with the most keenest of eyes with this high quality durable thick ceramic one hitter cigarette bat. It is easy to pack anywhere you find yourself in need of a smoke break, such as at work, school, or just running around town.  You keep it in your car or by your bed or just in your pocket at all times.

At 2 inches long, the short ceramic cigarette one hitter bat fits a standard size 3 inch short wooden funhouse dugout. Some smokers prefer ceramic bats over metal bats, this is because ceramic bats taste less metallic, are slightly easier to clean (using a pipe cleaner),  and do not get as hot when smoked. Though this bat is made from glass, it is strong and will withstand most falls without breakage.

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