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Saturn Raver Glass Pipe

Saturn Raver Glass Pipe

SKU: 10027

The Saturn Raver Glass Spoon is a 3 inch long glass spoon with character. A vibrant streak of sparkly deep-space dichroic cobalt blue contrasts against the delicate silver fumed background of this compact little gem. Watch as colors change to bright blues in time with use, making the barely-there fumed flower design on the front of the pipe more vibrant. Three beads of green, yellow and red glass accent the right edge of the bowl and provide a nice grip opposite the carburetor. The bottom is flattened, making sure it won’t roll or spill your herbs when you set it down. This glass spoon is highly attractive and functional, lightweight but hand blown thickly enough to be durable and easy to travel with. With colors that will glisten in the sunlight, this glass pipe is a cosmic jewel of a spoon for the dreamer within. Hand picked by owner Erik Pye, this glass spoon is definitely a customer favorite!

“Saturn Raver” was a name that a Sunflower employee came up with after seeing the pipe and thinking to themselves “Looks like that pipe is from another planet that has a killer EDM scene”

Glass blowing is an art form and smoking itself is an art form. There are so many different ways to smoke your herbs.  Rolling papers, glass spoons, chillums, water pipes, bublers, vaporizers, dabbing, and so on!  Everybody is different and smokes in their own unique way.

Some people enjoy burning incense during their smoking ritual. We recommend Nag Champa to help get you into that meditative state. Pair it with a Wooden Incense Holder.