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Rubber Duckie Universal Carb Cap

Rubber Duckie Universal Carb Cap


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The Rubbie Duckie Universal Carb Cap is the guaranteed cutest cap on the market! It does an amazing job at capping your quartz banger when it is time to clear the smoke from your dab rig! To use, simply place the rubber duckie carb cap over top of your banger and swivel from side to side as your finish your dab!

Any Carb Cap is essential to your concentrate rig. The best way to get a powerful yet flavorful hit is to vaporize your oil at the lowest possible temperature. The Carb Cap does exactly that by lowering the air pressure within the whole rig, allowing the temperature to stay low but still vaporize to its optimal level. Without a Carb Cap you are likely to over torch your dabbing surface, which does not vaporizer your oils as efficiently, and can leave your oils in a muddy unusable mess.

Looking for a new quartz banger? Check out this awesome Double Bucket Quartz Banger we carry! This is a seriously high functioning Quartz Banger, and will help conserve your essential oils and waxes much better than a standard nail. Whatever is not cleared will be collected at the bottom of the banger and will be saved for next time!

We also carry some great torches for your dab rig. This Whip it! Neo Torch is the most efficient way to heat up your quartz banger or nail.  The heat up time is very fast, and it holds plenty of butane so you do not need to worry about topping off very often.

Finally, do not forget to swing by either one of our three Brooklyn store locations to see what else we have to offer! We are located at 12 Wilson Ave in Bushwick, 518 Grand Street in Williamsburg, and 377 Metropolitan also in Williamsburg. We have something for every smoker, so come see for yourself!