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Rose Bud Wooden Pipe

Rose Bud Wooden Pipe


This Rose Bud Wooden Pipe is for the smoker that is looking for a piece more on the traditional side. This is a beautifully hand engraved pipe, made from high quality durable rose bud wood. This pipe is just about four inches long so it is very portable and easy to take on the go.

One thing that definitely stands out after further investigation of this pipe, is that is comes with a carburetor. This carburetor allows for quicker, bigger, and smoother pulls that you simply can not get on any standard wood pipe that does not include one. This carb is definitely the final cherry on top to an already amazing pipe. Look, feel, portability, and functionality are the keywords for this guy! It comes with a very generous sized bowl, which means you can easily pack enough to pass around with some friends, or keep for your own personal use. The choice is yours!

It is also very easily cleaned and maintained. Just run any standard pipe cleaner throughout the bowl, and mouthpiece to clean. Keep this pipe regularly up to shape and it could very easily last you a lifetime!

This pipe also pairs quite nicely with some ITal Hempwick. Hempwick is a much healthier alternative to lighting up directly with a butane. Butane fumes can be very harmful to inhale and hempwick is a way to not only avoid that, but enjoy a better taste. Swing by either Sunflower store location and be sure to check out the many awesome smoking accessories we carry that could pair nicely with this Rose Bud Wooden Pipe!

Finally, do not forget to swing by either one of our three Brooklyn store locations to see what else we have to offer! We are located at 12 Wilson Ave, 518 Grand Street, and 377 Metropolitan Ave.