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Ring of Fire Glass Chillum

Ring of Fire Glass Chillum


The Ring of Fire Glass Chillum is a 2 1/2 inch long pipe, handmade with super thick, silver fumed glass. The color of this pipe changes like crazy as heat travels through it each time you smoke, turning from the light blue shimmer you see in the photo, to a bright hue of brilliant blue that won’t fade even if you clean the piece with solution like 420 Cleaner.

The middle chamber of this unique glass pipe splits into a circular shape, decorated with 6 beautiful raised glass beads, which are complimented by a multi-colored ring. This shape makes for an extra smooth smoke because there’s more room in the pipe for your the smoke to travel through. You could also string this pipe on a necklace! The perfectly cone shaped bowl is ideally designed to burn your bowl pack evenly and efficiently without wasting any extra residue.

Weighing in at just under 20 grams this glass bat is not only super portable, but like all chillums, can be lit and smoked with just one hand for discreet smoking sessions. Since it’s double blown, you can just throw it in a bag or backpack knowing its thick enough to withstand impact. Because of how flat it lays on any surface, this glass chillum is also perfect as a home piece, to greet you when you get home after a long day of work.

Each of these pieces are hand blown, so the shape and colors on them vary slightly. We personally hand pick each one of these variations, so you can trust us to send you the best possible version of Ring of Fire Glass Chillum. String this on a necklace and wear it to your favorite music festival, so every time 4:20 rolls around you’ll know exactly where to reach the perfect pipe to celebrate!