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Pocket Watch Grinder

Pocket Watch Grinder


The Pocket Watch Grinder is the one of the classiest and most discreet grinders you’ll ever own!

The pocket watch grinder is the perfect travel grinder thanks to it’s discrete appearance. It looks exactly like a pocket watch, but open the magnetic lid and all of a sudden you have a grinder! The grinder has very sharp and effective teeth to finely grind your herb. It also includes a second chamber underneath the teeth, which allows extra pollen to be collected and saved for a rainy day. Although not pictured, it also includes a foot long chain to give it a convincing disguise! Impress your friends first with a fashion statement, and then blow their minds when it’s time to grind.

As you may know, whatever your preference of smoking from papers to vaporizers to simple pipes, these devices are going to preform and smoke at their best when you finely grind up your herb before use. The only way to achieve the even burn is with a grinder. Manually grinding with your fingers will work, but nothing beats the perfect even blend you get with a grinder. Be sure to check out the rest of the grinders we carry from Crank Top to a Four Piece Metal Grinder with ashtray and paper holder. Of course do not forget to swing by either one of our two Brooklyn store location to see for yourself!