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Pink Floral Stone Pipe with Detachable Bowl Piece

Pink Floral Stone Pipe with Detachable Bowl Piece


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In its most portable and discreet form, this Pink Floral Stone Pipe looks more like a beautifully carved stone mushroom than a functioning stone pipe.

This is just part of the pipe’s inconspicuous design that allows you to transform your pipe into an unassuming part of a room’s decor. When you’re ready to smoke, simply twist the tip of the mushroom off and set it aside. Next, twist the larger chunk off and take note of the gold metal pipe protruding from the top. Twist this part into the stick upright, and it will start to resemble more of a pipe. Lastly, take that triangular tip and screw it onto the last piece of protruding gold metal pipe at the top of the stick. Now you’ve got yourself a beautiful, functional smoking pipe that can be easily reconfigured back into its discreet original form!

These pipes are made out of a molted pink, brown, and green stone. Each individual piece has a unique variation of this blend of colors. What they all share is the intricate flowers and leaves carved throughout the pipe. This product is not only attractive, but sturdy, portable, and ingenious in design. The large bowl piece can be heated indirectly through the small piece screwed onto the tip of the pipe. It has two ventilation holes that directly connects the heat from a lighter to the bottom of your bowl. This means you won’t have to worry about burning yourself, meanwhile your precious material will be slow-cooked to perfection.

This pink floral stone pipe is utterly unique in design, function, and ingenuity. More than anything, their light, ethereal aesthetic is sure to elevate your smoking ritual — and your home decor, when in undercover mushroom mode. Be sure to leave any color preferences in the comments/notes section of your order!