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Piece o’ Pizza Pipe

Piece o’ Pizza Pipe


You might get the munchies if you look at this pizza pipe too long!

Pay homage to the ultimate food with this delectable pizza pipe. The crust is topped with layers of gooey cheese, pepperoni, olives, and peppers. The bowl is on the bottom of the piece so as not to disrupt the design. Then, to inhale, you place your mouth on the end of the slice–like you’re eating a real slice of pizza! So crack open some beer, order yourself a pizza pie, and enjoy this pipe with a good movie or some friends. Just don’t try to eat your pipe and smoke your pizza!

At about 6 inches long and made of thick, durable glass, you won’t have to worry that this precious piece will break easily. It sits stably on any flat surface, or you can lean it against a wall to show off the toppings. Not hungry for pizza? Check out it’s cousin: the taco pipe.