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Original Micro G Vaporizer

Original Micro G Vaporizer

SKU: 20012

The Original microG vaporizer is one of our best selling concentrate vaporizer kits. MicroGs have always been a staple at Sunflower Pipes, as they offer the best in form and function. Micro in size yet monumental in capability, the Original microG is a functional anomaly and universally-renowned classic for discreet, easy, on-the-go vaporization of concentrates. This vaporizer is sleek, black, and inconspicuous- perfect for vaping concentrates on the go or at home.


Don’t be fooled by bunk, knock off microG pens you’ll see for half the price, get the real thing here at SunflowerPipes.com. All Original microG Vaporizers bought at Sunflower Pipes come with a one year warranty. Comes with two pens, so you can charge both batteries and always have a back up pen handy when one is running low. The simple design of the microG makes it super easy to load up with concentrates, so you can get to vaping faster than ever. Since the whole pen breaks down into three basic parts, it makes replacing and cleaning parts easier than ever. The Original microG has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 102 online reviews. That combined with our own overwhelmingly positive customer feedback at our smoke shop means you will LOVE this concentrate vape without a doubt!


Ideal for fluids thick in viscosity, each Original microG box set includes 2 portable vaporizers (2 Rechargeable Batteries, 2 Original microG Cfluids, 2 Original microG Mouthpieces) as well as 1 engraved G Keychain with attached microG Tool, 5 microG Mouthpiece Sleeves, 1 G Wall Adapter, 1 Original microG Wired USB Charger, 2 G Glass Containers, and 3 G Cleaning Tips. And make sure to stock up on extra microG coils so you’ll be set for life!

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