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Garden Snake Glass Sherlock Pipe

Garden Snake Glass Sherlock Pipe


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The iconic look of a Sherlock pipe is a crowd pleaser, because it’s something different, and it really does provide the most comfortable way to smoke. The long curved chamber allows smoke to cool before it hits your lungs, and the level bowl is easy to light and fun to use. You feel like the classiest smoker ever! These American made, hand blown glass Sherlock pipes give you all that and more.. Sturdy glass, and a perfect white or green spiral design wraps around the elegant shape of this piece, making for a beautiful and unique design that you’ll want to show off in your home. This piece has a left handed carburetor, and a comfortable mouthpiece for easy smoking. Three graduated raised beads allow it to rest flat and sturdy on any surface, and also adds to the look and design of this interesting, heady glass piece. With a great sized bowl that’s perfect for either personal use or for a group smoke session, and a compact shape and size of 4″ in length, this classic, stylish piece can be easily pocketed for on-the-go use. The deep loading chamber is perfect when paired with a glass screen, and keeps everything moving fluidly and consistently.  The bulbous mouth piece at the end of this 4″ glass pipe allows smoke to accumulate and flow nicely until you’re ready to inhale. These dynamic features showcase the dedication to detail that we search for in bringing you each of our wonderful pieces.

These pipes are all hand blown and totally unique. The three colors pictured are available:

  • Navy with Green Stripes
  • Sage Green with White Stripes
  • pumpkin orange with White Stripes

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