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Mini Purple/Pink Bubbler

Mini Purple/Pink Bubbler


This Mini Bubbler is a great piece for a simple smoker’s needs.

With a secure bottom sitting flat, you can be sure that this little guy is sturdy and made of thick, quality glass. In addition, its compact nature makes it a perfect travel-size bubbler. Take it on the go! Pass it around! The Mini Bubbler fits right in the palm of your hand. This beautifully designed bubbler is handblown with a good-sized bowl and a very nicely situated carb, so if you’re a fan of smaller pieces, this might be the one for you. Smoking through water is healthier since you filter out the toxins from burning your herbs into the water. Why not try out a cleaner smoking method? Each piece is unique and infused with gorgeous, ethereal pinks, blues and purples.


Length: 4″

Width: 2″

Depth: 1.25″

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