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Metal Hamburger Grinder

Metal Hamburger Grinder


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Every burger-obsessed smoker needs this handy two-piece metal hamburger grinder.

It’s small, portable, and no doubt a crowd-pleaser. Sharp metal teeth help you grind your herbs to the perfect consistency for rolling or packing up a sweet bowl. With a soft, smooth texture and light tan color speckled with sesame seeds, this metal hamburger grinder will take you on a trip reminiscent of eating your favorite burger. Whether you’re an east-coaster who lives for Shake Shack, or a west-coaster who swears by In-N-Out, this grinder will find a home in any burger-loving smoker’s collection.

A grinder is an essential tool in any smokers life for many reasons. A grinder will break up your herb at a finer consistency than you will ever be able to do manually with your fingers.  The importance of making sure is you herb is finely and evenly ground is essential in ensuring whatever your preference of smoking functions properly and burns smoothly. Whether you prefer pipes, papers, or vaporizers, it does not matter, the better you grind it up the better it will preform.