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Marley Natural Bubbler

Marley Natural Bubbler


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Introducing the Marley Natural Bubbler!

Marley Natural is dedicated to creating unique, handcrafted accessories, and the Marley Natural Bubbler is no exception. Marley Natural offers an elevated line of products made from American black walnut wood and hand-blown glass settings. This ensures durability, convenient maintenance and premium design. Each of Marley Natural products has easily removable parts for maximum portability, storage and cleaning. The Bubbler in particular has a lovely walnut wood finish on the mouth piece and the chamber itself. It gives the apparatus a vintage personality that is the perfect piece for any smoker who loves the ol’ wooden pipe aesthetic. Additionally, the chamber is detachable so it is easy to clean and fill for your next smoking session. The detachable function also makes this piece super portable even though it is a relatively larger sized piece. Hurry and grab the Marley Natural Bubbler today!