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Long Glass Concentrate Vapor Straw

Long Glass Concentrate Vapor Straw


This Long Glass Concentrate Vapor Straw is an easy, quick, and efficient way to dab.

It is about eight inches long, and requires a glass dish that can handle high heat. To use, simply torch the tip of the straw until sufficiently hot. Place a small amount of your concentrate wax on the dish. Swivel the hot end of the straw over top of your wax as you inhale through the opposite end. It is as easy as at! No carburetor is required. You will be quite impressed by the strengths of hits you will get from this straw.

To vaporize your concentrates at optimal level, use the least amount of heat possible. If you over torch your wax, it will not smoke as efficiently and could potentially leave your wax in a muddy unusable mess.

The vapor straw is incredibly easy to keep cleaned and maintained. We recommend Formula 420 Cleaner for cleaning any type of glass pipes. Formula 420 Cleaner is the most trusted glass cleaner on the market, and will have your pipes looking brand new.

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