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Kangertech OCC Nickel Replacement Coils

Kangertech OCC Nickel Replacement Coils


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Made with organic cotton wicks and high-quality nickel wire, these Ni200 vertical coils are designed to produce a rich, delicious flavor along with super thick vapor clouds.

Unlike Kanthal wire, pure nickel exhibits exceptional electrical, thermal, and magneto-strictive properties which make it perfect for temperature-controlled devices. Ni200 is also highly resistant to corrosion – extending the lifespan of your atomizer.

Kanger uses 100% Japanese organic cotton that is devoid of any impurities such as bleach. This means that you get a much purer taste of your favorite e-juice with every puff. The coil build is housed in a sturdy square shell with a large heating section. It is highly recommended that you set your vaporizer wattage from 20 watts to 45 watts.