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Jolly Rancher Showerhead Water Pipe

Jolly Rancher Showerhead Water Pipe


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Reminiscent of your favorite hard candy, this gorgeous jolly rancher showerhead water pipe is sure to brighten up your collection!

Beautiful semi-opaque colored glass accents the impressive triple level showerhead percolator contained in the piece. Three ice notches blown above the perc makes it incredibly easy to cool off your smoke, and the combination of filtration from the showerhead and colder temperature from the ice will make your hits unbelievably smooth. Measuring in at 11″ tall, these water pipes sit on a base that is 3.25″ in diameter and an impressive 1″ thick. The vertical fixed tube design means there’s no need to worry about a downstem, as the 18mm included bowl piece is inserted directly into the water pipe. Our Jolly Rancher showerhead water pipe comes in three different candy colors — take your pick between Watermelon, Orange, and Blue Raspberry, and let us know your preference at checkout!

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