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Jade Crystal Pipe

Jade Crystal Pipe


The Jade Crystal Pipe is the perfect piece for the crystal loving smoker looking to bring a little serenity, and harmony into their home. This pipe is only about four and a half inches long, but packs a mean punch! To use, simply pack the bowl with your favorite smoking tobacco or legal herbs. Then, light the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece. It is as easy as that! No carburetor required! Keep this pipe regularly cleaned by thoroughly running a pipe cleaner through either end. With enough care and maintenance this piece could last you a lifetime!

Let’s take a look at Jade as a crystal. Jade is a well loved and cherished stone. Many people believe it is the stone of the heart.  This means it can have great effects on ones love life, as well as the physical health of their heart. It is also said to bring emotional stability and balance into ones life. Jade will protect the user by bringing in positive energies and blocking away the energies known to cause accidents and misunderstandings. It has also been used to help bring money and success in business. Mediate with the jade pipe in one hand, put yourself into a positive place, and solutions surrounding finances will open up.

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