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Inside Out Frit Glasswork Sherlock Pipe

Inside Out Frit Glasswork Sherlock Pipe


Michigan based glass company Multiverse comes through once again with another great high quality hand blown pipe. This Inside Out Frit Glasswork Sherlock pipe is the perfect pipe to make a home with you. It is a very elegant green pipe with a lot of class, meant for the sophisticated smoker.  It is about four inches long, and sits up securely with its two feet by the mouthpiece end.

The “frit” in this pipe is in reference to the process of adding the color into the pipe. Frit is granular crushed glass that the artist carefully adds to the structure of the pipe to give it it’s color and character. The detail and love put into the design and color of this pipe really stands out as soon as you get it in your hands. With a very generous sized bowl, you will have no worries packing enough for you and your friends to pass around. Cleaning this pipe is very easy. Just find a standard pipe cleaner and run it throughout the pipe until clean. If you are like me and are guilty of letting the gunk build up over time, no worries, we also carry Formula 420 cleaner for those stubborn spots. If you keep this piece regularly cleaned and maintained it could last you a lifetime!

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