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Helix Water Pipe

Helix Water Pipe


The Helix Water Pipe is a one of kind smoking device made by the notoriously high quality company Grav Labs.

The Helix Water Pipe is an interesting take on a beaker style water pipe. This pipe stands at about eight and a half inches tall, and is made of sturdy borosilicate glass. Grav Labs makes their borosilicate glass from the purest silica in the world, resulting in strong and toxin-free smoking accessories.

Here is what’s included: 

A 14mm Helix one hitter bowl, a Helix swiss downstem, a 14mm Helix spinner, and a 19mm joint clamp.

Giving the Helix Water Pipe a closer look, you notice the small air holes at the end of the downstem. These air holes, along with the shape of the chambers, allow the smoke to spin and swirl into the water. This is the most special feature of the Helix. When you light up, you’ll  see your smoke funnel into a narrow, spinning helix.

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