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Hammer With Clear Purple Circle

Hammer With Clear Purple Circle


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If an impressionistic art piece were made into a bubbler, it would be this Hammer With Clear Purple Circle. However this hammer is not just impressionistic- the detailing in the pipe has an intricate, psychedelic design. The tiny bubbles of color surround the body and shaft of this piece which are separated by a clear magenta ring. This bubbler is truly a show-stopper. Watch the smoke flow through this middle piece and enjoy these entrancing pieces of art. The glass is as sturdy as can be and due to the nature of this guy’s shape, it is less likely for this piece to get knocked over and break. The shape of the hammer also makes for a much easier time cleaning this bubbler out on the regular- makes for a cleaner, gunk-free smoke.

Located on the body are three black bubbles, one of which is the carb. This piece is for sure one of the sturdiest pieces you could own, and the bowl is fairly average-sized, so pack it personal or for sharing with friends. Again, this hammer loves to be set down, so there’s no need to be concerned between loads. Don’t worry much about pets or careless friends knocking this guy over because it won’t fall too far.

As is the case with all bubblers, the user must fill the piece with water. The water plays a huge role in the cooling and filtering out unwanted toxins in the smoke, ultimately leading to a smoother and healthier smoking experience. The cooling of the smoke makes the smoke less harsh so that the smoker can inhale more, while coughing much less. The water filtration removes harmful compounds found in the smoke such as benzopyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are linked to cancer. Stay away from all that and grab yourself one of these unique bubblers. If you are feeling like this piece is speaking to you, swing by one of our two Brooklyn shops to see it in person. It’ll be that much more beautiful. Or just order online ;).