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Grav Labs Color Tinted Hammer

Grav Labs Color Tinted Hammer


The Grav Labs Color Tinted Hammer is a seriously heavy duty yet very simple pipe, meant for smokers of all kinds. It is about seven inches long and four inches tall, so not ideal for travel purposes, but instead this piece makes an excellent stay at home bubbler/hammer. To use, fill the bubbler with water to your desired level. Then, simply pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs, light it up, inhale, and release the carburetor when it is time to clear the smoke! It is as easy as that.

This piece features a very generous sized bowl as well. This means this pipe is just as well suited for personal use as it is for passing around with friends. For those unaware, it is important to note a bubbler, hammer, or waterpipe that utilizes water is a healthier alternative to pipes that do not use water. This is because the smoke is run through the water and filtered down before it hits the user’s lips. Toxins are filtered out and the smoke is cooled leaving the smoker with a smooth yet potent hit.

This pipe pairs perfectly with I-Tal Hempwick. Hempwick is an all natural healthy alternative to lighting up directly with a butane lighter. To use, simply light the end of the wick with your lighter, then light your Grav Labs Color Tinted Hammer with the end of the wick. You will notice an immediate improvement in taste, and your lungs will thank you for sparing them the nasty toxins involved with butane.

Finally, be sure to swing by either one of our two Brooklyn store location to see what else we have to offer!!