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Glass Dolphin Pipe

Glass Dolphin Pipe

The Glass Dolphin Pipe is the perfect smoke buddy for sea-loving smokers!

At just under 5 inches long and about an inch wide, the glass dolphin pipe will fit swimmingly in your palm. Set him down and he stands by himself, using his two side fins as rests. The bowl is right where a dolphin’s blowhole is, and the mouthpiece is on the end of his tail. The carburetor is ergonomically placed on the tip of his snout. A glittery sea blue strip runs down his center and adds a bit of magic to the smoking experience. Additionally, the sherlock-esque shape to this dolphin pipe, paired with the placement of the carb at the top, makes for strong and clean hits.

The bowl on this dolphin is moderately sized–great for a solo sesh, or a small group of friends. When you’re ready to clean, let your dolphin take a swim in some 420 formula. You’re little smoking buddy will be clean as new in no time!

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