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G Slim Herbal (Rechargeable)

G Slim Herbal (Rechargeable)


The G Slim Ground Material vaporizer by Grenco Science completes the profile of an ultra-portable vape pen with its lightweight, super thin design for the most discreet and worry-free vaping experience. Weighing only about 41 grams and measuring about 5.5 inches tall, the compact size of the G Slim feels so light in the pocket and is easy to use. Enjoy the natural flavors of your dry herbs and flowers with the G Slim as you vape on the go. The miniature yet high-performance heating element offers pure and clean vapors, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The G Slim also comes with a safety feature that prevents inadvertent unlocking of the device, saving battery life. The G Slim herbal vaporizer comes in black finish with a metallic band for that elegant yet discreet look. For easier assembly, the unit comes in three basic parts: the mouthpiece, G Slim Herbal Tank and G Slim Battery. This herbal vaporizer comes with a rechargeable lithium battery for portability. The battery’s 180mAh capacity gives you about 300 hits and takes about two three hours to charge. 

G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer Includes:

1 x G Slim Battery

1 x G Slim Herbal Tank

1 x Packing Tool

1 x Wireless USB Charger