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Fumed Sherlock Bubbler

Fumed Sherlock Bubbler


The fumed sherlock bubbler has the best of both worlds–the handheld convenience of a bowl and the filtration of a water pipe!

The design of the fumed sherlock bubbler allows it to stand alone without tipping over. While each piece varies, they are about 5.5 inches tall. This gives enough length for the smoke to cool down, but small enough that it can be stored easily. However, once you lay your eyes on this bubbler, you won’t want to store it away! These bubblers make for beautiful decoration while not in use.

The bowl on the bubbler is deep enough for a group sesh, but can be comfortably packed and smoked solo. The carburetor is intuitively placed on the left side, making it easy to clear.

The fumed sherlock bubbler comes in two kinds: silver-fumed (clear with yellow, green, and blue tints); and gold fumed (pink with hints of gold).

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