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Frozen Jellyfish Chillum

Frozen Jellyfish Chillum


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Resembling a frozen block of ice, with a noticeable thickness between the inside out layer of this chillum, the Frozen Jellyfish Chillum is truly one of a kind. Don’t ever worry about dropping your pipe, or tossing it into a purse or backpack – this piece is one of the thickest chillums on the website. Just look at how incredible that layer of glass is, with its raised up designs fumed with gold and green. This is the extra thick chillum you’ve been looking for, hand blown to absolute symmetrical perfection, and a thickness that will impress everyone you smoke with.

Chillums are designed to make smoking simpler, travel ready, and pocket friendly. You only need one hand to light this unique looking pipe, so you can smoke as discreetly as you need to – perfect for concerts, parties, or just taking an evening stroll! The perfectly conical bowl is also beneficial because it burns your pack evenly so there’s no leftover residue, and it’s super easy to clear out with just a toothpick or pipe cleaner when you’re finished smoking. After extended use, you can always clean the piece with some 420 cleaner and restore its original iridescent glow. And look at how thick the glass around that bowl is! Don’t even think about worrying about this pipe rolling off the table or falling on the ground. It’s literally a cube so there’s no chance of rolling – and it’s so thick and durable that even if it did it wouldn’t break on any floor.

The thickness of this glass chillum is obviously extremely noticeable, but it’s the details in the glass work and craftsmanship that truly stand out. Those gorgeous designs inside the thick layer of glass look three-dimensional, because they are actually are. The gold fumed color scheme, which will change colors over time as you use it, is so beautiful that you’ll never want to put down this heady glass pipe. You’ll want it on your coffee table as much as you’ll want it in your pocket.

Each Frozen Jellyfish Chillum is hand blown, and therefore will vary slightly with each pipe. We guarantee a personally chosen likeness to the photo, so we’re sure you’ll love this pipe for years to come.